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When Push Comes to Shove – Continuing Students in UDS Wa Campus Now SDD UBIDS to Embark on a Peaceful Procession

Good day fellow students… especially Continuing students. It is quite clear that the Management of SDD UBIDS takes us, its largest stakeholders for granted and over the years have been pushing us to the walls and at same time prevented our proportionate retaliations with threats of dismissal, rustications and what nots.

This time we have had enough of that. We complained about our fee schedule as continuing students and the reply we have received from management after the meetings with student leaders and the petitions from various bodies is the new fee schedule it has uploaded to its official website without breakdown but with an increase in the Level 100 fees.

For the records we never asked that the fees for level 100s to be increased. We categorically questioned some fee components and subsequently asked for the fees to be restored to the flat rate or further reduced. Nothing More, Nothing Less!

The ISRC, Department Leaders and other well meaning bodies have done well….but this time it is obvious meetings and petitions won’t do. Thus, we shall be organizing a Peaceful Procession from Watanga Junction to Campus. This will be our first action to register our displeasure and also send a clear message to Management that the fact that there has been absence of series of Demonstrations by students does not mean we the students are cowards or do not know right from wrong.

This time they have pushed us to the wall and also placed a knee on our necks but unlike in time past we shall not succumb and will never lay idle while we suffocate.


Also take note…that until the fees are reduced, NO STUDENT SHOULD PAY ANY FEES, DEVELOPMENT LEVY AND HALL DUES…Civil Disobedience has always been Lawful

Get your RED RED & BLACK BLACK ready.

Date and Time shall be communicated soon…

Chief Convenor:
Ndukwe Emmanuel

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