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UBIDS: SRC President Nicholas (Major1) Tampuri Addresses Part Payment Issues

In response to the incessant calls and messages reaching me from students who have made part payment of fees and their quest to know the way forward with respect to the registration of courses for this trimester,
I entreat all to Kindly note that the Office mandated to give authorization for the portal to be accessible for registration is the revered Office of The Registrar and as I write this piece, the said officer is out of campus with the Vice Chancellor on an equally important assignment.

That notwithstanding, He (herein refers to the Registrar) has once again made it clear to me that students should not be too perturbed about the issue but rather should remain focus and continue to study hard for their exams.

Also, it has been made clear that students who have finished their exams and are still waiting because of the registration can go home and when the portal is opened, they register at home and will be allowed Verification when we resume from Vacation.

Finally, I want to admonish students who ignore the SRC and move straight to the Finance director on this matter to desist from such act, stay calm and allow SRC to follow due process to get you all registered. Be reminded that Scalar Chain is an essential principle in management.

Nicholas Major1 Tampuri – UBIDS SRC President

The Council uses this opportunity to apologize for the delay in securing permission for course registration by Students who have made part payment. We assure you all that matters regarding course registration will be resolved pretty soon.

Please kindly exercise Patience as We wait for our portals to be made accessible for registration.

Thank you.

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