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So Short A Letter

Monday, 8:00am.
November 30, 2020.

Dear Gabo,

This letter will be the first in a long arrangement of letters in which I will endeavor to convey to you the formative plan of this nation called Ghana as we are moving toward the election day.

Any way, let’s get started. As you are most likely aware , I will set aside some effort to disclose issues to you and, thusly, don’t anticipate that it should be as correctly composed as my different writings. It will sound short…and educative.

It hasn’t been an awful one considering the present situation. Though things are not too delicate, but I’m actually attempting to take care of certain things.

As I told Kobo, this year’s election will be a political decision  between assurance and despiration, the day where we will be disregarded to pick between improvement and retrogression….the day of hope and hopelessness. Not that I want to sound political, but rather realities are for sure hallowed. All these boarders on development and country building.

All things considered, in any case, this will lead me to the purpose for this short piece…which sounds great and critical to me. This is about peace. Tranquility on the wheels of freedom, justice, law and order. It’s essential and we shouldn’t lose it to anybody.

It’s required by the cutting edge to develop, and required by you and I to prosper. It was first secured by the toil and foil of our ancestors. subsequently, it’s our obligation to save guard it.

It wasn’t gotten on silver platter. They battled. Blood was shared…and souls were perished. Some lost their loved ones including guardians for this. Organizations imploded, and the country was brought to a stand still…all for the sake of peace.

This is our chance to maintain and shield the one thing called “peace”

Infact, as I would like to think, the best thing that has happened to us…as a nation is the peace we are enjoying now.

Guess what? remember to make your choice on December seventh. Keep in mind, it’s your civic right and you should practice it with delight.

If I seem to be going on and on about this, it’s because, it’s something you should do to save the next generation. The progress of my beloved nation will be defined on 7th December… which I expect to do the needful in peace.

It would be ideal if you get me a bottle of wine when coming from Accra. Remember, it’s an ideal opportunity to make a history.

Get involved!

Thank you.


Adjei Boakye.

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