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Poverty by Georgina Wood

My mother says, it's anonymous But I think, unanimous Actually, it's a curse to human society Because it's comes to settles among the minority I mean the exact...

No Sound Without Silence

I close close my eyes to the things I want to see. I shut down my emotions to the things I want to feel. They say...


The first time I saw you, I got flutters
 But it was in a dream. Our first kiss led to our first fight.
It was valentines...

Sunsets & full moons

Tell me the tales of tomorrow So that I can talk that to Thomas.
 Say those sage words to soothe this aching heart of mine. Night...

Is love really worth it ?

Love for most of us, is not a fairytale. It’s tainted with heartbreaks and weaved in disappointments. I resolved not to relapse, into this twisted...


Memories they say never do fade. Open wounds are indeed the the hardest to heal. How do I liberate these memories from this prison...

Dearly beloved

Dogs hear sounds our ears can’t detect. Bats see shapes in the darkness that eludes our eyes. And whenever our hearts speak, logic is...


Dear feelings, why art thou erratic? I will send illumination to find you. In the middle of this darkness. Love is defined by its reluctance to be...
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