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Relationship Tips: 7 Signs She Is No longer Interested In You

They say love is man’s greatest treasure, yet it is weaved in pain and disappointments. 

They say love is the seat of human desires yet through it we sometimes end up in the bottomless pit of heartbreak. 

Let’s face it,

It’s practically impossible to find someone on this face of the earth, who hasn’t been disappointed or heartbroken in one way or the other. 

It’s paradoxical, isn’t it ? What you desire to make you happy is the same thing that can make you sad.

Most of us desire, to be loved and loved back.  If love is beautiful, why do most relationships end in failure? Why is love full of heart aches? 

People in love, always wish their love for each other never ends. They wish it will last till the end of time. Lovers go into relationships wishing  that they’ll be lovers for a long time, through thick and thin. But it’s not always so. People change so as feelings. In this dating game, nothing is permanent. 

To be on the receiving end of a failed relationship is heart wrenching to say the least. It always starts beautifully, then gradually the cracks begin to open.  The interest, desire and flame that accompanies this beautiful feeling, wanes and fades as a result of a decline in interest by the other spouse. All these scenarios are rife in contemporary times. Even 10 years of relationships, sometimes meet the same gloomy fate. This causes  heartbreak and disappointments.  With love nothing is permanent, anything at all is possible.

Most times we are too blind to see the red flags because we are so in love and obsessed with each other. Reason takes a back seat here. We follow our hearts blindly and we get crushed in the end. 

If you are wondering if your woman is still interested in you or not, you should take a look at these signs. You should recognize these clues and don’t be fooled by the situation that seems normal when it’s not. You must know that the love she has for you may be temporary and it’s the time to figure it out. This would insulate you from a possible heartbreak or disappointment.

So my cherished readers I’m here to share with you 7 signs that shows she’s no longer interested in you as a lover. 

1.She’ll use the ‘friends’ loosely

A cardinal sign that stresses her intention of friend zoning you is using the word friends loosely whenever you’re together. This happens also when she begins to loose  interest in the relationship, she constantly enforces  that the relationship is purely platonic. 

If in her regular interactions with you she stresses that ‘it’s so nice having you as a friend’’ and introduces you to her friends as ‘meet my friend’ his name is “”. ………“”  she’s trying to tell you that, you’re not her boyfriend and never will be.

To be honest even though this can sting be careful not to throw tantrums being friend zoned. This is because insisting on anything more than friendship is pure entitlement. This may land you with no relationship at all.

So if you can’t handle your woman being your friend then you better end things with her there and then. It’ll only hurt more if you continue pursuing her hoping and praying she’ll change her mind some day. 

2.She avoids physical contact. 

If the body language of your girlfriend is stiff, and disinterested, there’s a high chance that she is subliminally telling you she isn’t interested. One fundamental sign of people romantically connected to each other is that constantly, they’re involved in physical touching; be it resigning arms on shoulders, holding hands, or even playfully hitting each other. If your girlfriend/woman stops doing these things there’s a huge sign she’s no longer interested in the relationship. 

3. Her replies to your texts are blunt and terse. 

Lovebirds usually texts each other, narrating all the frivolous, mundane things about themselves and days events to each other. This is the stage where the use of emojis is rife. Sentences are usually texted either completely or semi-completely. When all these stops and you receive k’s, yups’, etc consistently and persistently. Trust me, signs she’s losing interest is high. Here, she also takes a longer time for her to reply your texts. She gives all manner of excuses when queried. 

So when you begin to see these signs, guys be weary. 

4.She avoids you for days

Communication is the lifeblood for any meaningful relationship. If the communication between you two is patchy and intermittently, it could be because she is trying to fade you out, but wants to avoid looking heartless by ghosting you completely.

Lovebirds are supposed to be consistently communicating, and plans to see each other is at the forefront of every interaction. If the desire to see each other hits it’s lowest ebb, trust me there’s a cause for alarm.

5.She doesn’t care what she looks in front of you.

Women that are interested in you really care what they look when faced with the prospect or possibility of facing a man she’s interested in. She tries her possible best to look pretty and make up for the man she’s interested in. If she looses that interest or sees you just as a friend, she will not take time to look pretty.

6.She will tell you directly or indirectly that she’s not interested.

Sometimes she might throw hints here and there that she’ doesn’t want to be in a relationship. They normally use words also like “you’re such a great friend “ “it’s nice having a friend like you around”. They say this subliminally to let you know they’re not interested. 

Other times too they will tell you upfront that they are not interested. This happens when you pester her for a relationship. 

7. She hardly says ‘’ I love you’ anymore

I saved the best for the last. The three magical words, “I love you” is the most used sentence by couples who are in love. Couples long for each other and hearing this firm confession from the other spouse brings delight and believe that yes indeed, he or she is loved. 

When the love fades away gradually, these words are indeed hard to come by. It literally losses it meaning and it’s hardly spoken of.

So my cherished readers I’ll end here. Let’s take cues from these points. This will equip us, with the necessary information for any eventuality. Thank you for reading.  

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