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Marry Right – 3 Things You Should Never Ignore

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Marriage is a life long partnership and a beautiful friendship if it is done right. Definitely, people have their various religious view but I wish to remain objective as possible.
It has always been said that experience is an outstanding teacher and I believe the wise man learns from the experiences and mistakes of others.
In order to enjoy your marriage or union, look out for these 3 things.

  1. Be careful not to marry an idle woman or man who is unwilling to work. This is because, I believe marriage is a union that everyone must struggle and hustle to bring something to the table regardless of how small. Gone are the days when the mantle was on the shoulders of men. The 21st century woman must equally work to support the house. So that even if something happens to the income of one partner, the house can still survive. It will be a great mistake to marry someone who is unwilling to work. Ask yourself, what will he or she be doing while you spend the whole day working? Boredom gives birth to a whole lot of unhealthy behavior. If he or she is unwilling or has nothing to contribute, avoid that marriage. Do not misunderstand working to be restricted to only white color jobs.
  2. Don’t marry someone who feels you are lucky to be married to him or her.
    One key thing that keeps marriage going is mutual respect. If your partner sees you less of a person, there will be zero mutual respect and the result of such is damaging. It interestingly comes with long lasting regrets, unnecessary tension and fight, verbal and physical abuse and has the potential to cripple your emotions forever. This particular topic has a key relationship with the character of who you wish to marry. It is important to date, so that when you realize some of these, you can call it a quit. If the character of the person you want to marry is nothing write home about don’t go into it. It can take you forever trying to change the person.
  3. Don’t Marry for the wrong reasons. As stated earlier, marriage is a lifelong commitment with the same person. So before you commit, ask yourself whether the reasons for which you wish to commit yourself to the marriage are right. Right in the sense of its longevity or occurrence. If you are marrying someone because of physical things, ask yourself how long it will last. Don’t chase after wealth, be ready to build from nothing with your partner. Marry because you genuinely love each other. Thus, you won’t even be scared to build together. People change, it’s natural and expected but I believe you can control that change.

Let me end by saying, before you marry use days to analyze everything that matter to you.

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