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Attention or Money: Which should you look out for in a relationship?

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Ben’s Relationship Talk

Attention or Money? In a relationship, which one is the most important and which one should you go in for?

Well I will tell you to choose ATTENTION OVER MONEY.

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This is more or less like a debate where a sect of people believe that in building relationship you need money not attention and vise versa. I know you have your stance but I will need you to be neutral as you read this.


Relationship is not an infrastructure or a commodity to be bought by money. The biggest and only investment needed is time and attention. In order to sustain a relationship, you have to make yourself available at all time as at when your partner needs you, you have to be the pillow on which he/she cries, you have to be like a mother who rocks her child to sleep, you have to be like the sun blessing your partner with brightness of heart, most importantly, you have to be his/her rock that will always motivate, encourage and support him/her when the journey is getting unbearable.


Think about it, which of these can be done with money? Am not trying to dispute the fact that money can aid in the accomplishment of some of these things but the question is can it sustain it?

Millions of people are rich but are not happy. WHY? Money can never buy happiness.


Give your partner the needed time and attention. That is what he/she needs gravely. I have seen people walk out of relationship because their partners have little or no time for them. Not only in relationship but even in marriage. Giving your partner the needed time and attention is like giving him/her God to solve his/her problems.


Attention and Time is the greatest medicine to relationship. Money without attention and time can never sustain relationship but attention and time without money will sustain the relationship.





Written by: Benard Makafui

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