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How My Boyfriend’s Wife Became My Guardian Angel

It wasn’t love at first sight when I met Agyeman. He looked responsible, mature, and had some level of grace attached to the way he did things.
He had this huge sense of humor that will make you pay attention to him, no matter what.
That day, I wasn’t in the mood to engage with anybody. All I wanted was to do my work and go my way but this man here wasn’t taking a no for an answer.
He said, “Becky, I will go up there to meet your boss and come back here again. Please when you see me, give me a smile. It’s not easy climbing up there and back.”
My name Tag had Rebecca on it but he chose to call me Becky as if I was his friend.
The kind of work he was doing with our company ensured that he came to our office every morning and every late afternoon before we close from work.
We got acquainted. He offered to drive me home on some days. We became good friends. It was when we started talking about life that I got to realize we had a lot of things in common.
He was always frank and straightforward especially when he was talking to me about marriage life.
From the conversations we had, he had been married to his wife for over ten years but the marriage had hit the rocks.
Both of them had agreed on a divorce and had been working on it for over a year. He cut a very sad figure anytime he spoke about marriage—his marriage.
I didn’t know what to tell him to warm his heart but I did my best to provide him with a listening ear.
We were going home together each day so we grew a lot more closer. Some months later, he told me he had good news; “Our divorce had been finalized so I’m free to go wherever I want.”
He said that with a gleeful face so I said, “If that makes you happy, then congratulations.” His mood changed immediately.
He was all of a sudden sober and reflective. He said, “I feel so awful that I’m happy about something like this but it gives me freedom and it gives her freedom.
She isn’t a bad woman but sometimes, things just don’t work.” I agreed with him and asked him what next. He said, “The house we live in now belongs to her.
I agreed to let her have it for the sake of our two kids. I’m working here now and as soon as this contract is over, I’ll look for a new place, pack my things and begin life anew.”
Because he hadn’t gotten a place yet, anytime he went back to Kumasi, he lived in the same house with his ex.
It was an agreement they made until the man finds a new place. Every weekend he went back to Kumasi and returned on Mondays. Some weekends too he stayed to complete some works.
It wasn’t too long afterward when he proposed. “You’re a good woman. I like your candor and what you bring out of me. I’m beginning a new life soon and would like to begin with you. Since you are here, it makes things easier. I would just pack from there and come here to settle with you.”
Truth be told, I liked him too. His openness to his situation and the acceptance of is fallibility rubbed me in the right places. I said yes to him and started making life plans with him.
He moved from the hotel he was lodging to come and live with me. I didn’t have a big place but we made plans to move out as soon as possible.
We were good and love was lovely to us. Each night after work, we’ll stay up all night talking about nothing but everything. He would crack me up and I will laugh till my ribs hurt.
Our relationship suddenly took a very sharp turn. If a car did that turn, it would have probably fallen off the road and somersaulted into a ditch. Literally that’s what happened to me. I got pregnant.
When I told him about the pregnancy, he didn’t act shocked as I was expecting. He said, “What is the best option available to you right now? Are you comfortable giving birth out of wedlock?” It was too early.
I didn’t know what to say. My brain was jammed. “Should I or should I not.
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