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Slaves Who Love Their Chains


We know in path, we preach in path,

But when we follow only one part,

Like an Alto singer,

We solo songs of ignorance.

In this world of ours,

Knowledge is an unfinished piece,

Ignorance is a bestseller.

Many don’t know,

Don’t know that they don’t know

And don’t want to know that they don’t know.

Of all sick people in the world,

The most sick are those ignorant of their sickness.

O woeful generation!

That hateth logos and loveth languish.

If we tell gently gently,

That much learning will not make thee mad,

What ear will listen to our clamor?

We all must unlearn and relearn.

If we don’t, and don’t want to,

We are slaves that love our chains,

And we shall remain in bondage.

Flourish Joshua


IG • @fjspeaks



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