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Singlehood Is Bae

This hood is single, for the unmingled.
A single snapshot with the rule of thirds,
One graph enough to plot evil or good;
No ‘Why’ or ‘Ex’ axis! All angles are right.

Singlehood is Bae, flexibility is flexible,
Freedom is a freebie, a free sweet bee.
‘Living’ is free, no need for earning.
Solid solidarity for solitary solitude.


Singlehood is Bae to the Beard Gang,
Time for swags and swag for time.
To bab babes and hunt spouses,
Dress senses and senses of dress.

Singlehood is Bae to the Slay Queens,
Time to slay and not be slain.
To murder men and capture _niggas_,
Read *s3xy* novels and crush to death,

But time shall tell that all is vanity.
When grey isn’t dark and dark is grey.
Time will tell that singlehood is ‘Time’.

Flourish Joshua
_IG • @fjspeaks_

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