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Remnants Of Emotional Wreckage

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A pregnant night often gives birth, to a beautiful dawn. A new dawn once delivered, is often characterized by unbridled joy annexed in new hopes and dreams.

But I’m feeling the contrary, I’m completely at sea, lost in thought, conflicting emotions are holding me captive, I’m in a cosmic dilemma.

Someone pick me up cos I’m drowning
My mind is petitioning me to give my heart another chance. But, My heart is bowing before pain in Salute. My heart is kissing pain on the cheek..

My heart is Icy Chars from a painful past love experience has imprisoned me and, altered my sense of reasoning. Once sweet memories are gradually turning to dust.., Someone pick me up cos I’m drowning.

I’m in a conundrum drifting away to an unknown destination, wandering in the winding path of confusion. The clock keeps on ticking, I wish there was a way to slow it down..

Someone pick me up cos I’m drowning
It sucks to love when is all lies.. I’m trapped, holding on, but it’s getting heavy and I feel like I’m gonna break down. My emotions are crippling me, I cant speak even though Im having a voice, Love is the luxury I cannot afford but the drug I need is someone to pick me up cos I’m drowning

By: Godfred Edem

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