Blood has colored your heart Red,
It has your heart soaked in its fluids.
But… Red does not excite me,
It reminds me of my pain and struggles.
I want your heart to be Purple,
Purple is the colour I love.
Please my lover;
Let me paint your heart tonight.

How can a heart like mine be purple when it cannot even love.
How can this heart give you what you crave for when it is already shattered into a million pieces.

How, How, How?

Impossible as it sounds, I won’t give up.
I won’t relent till your heart is changed.

Bring me the Dyes and Brushes
Give me a bucket of paint too.
Pour it all on your heart!
I want my lover’s heart purple

My heart cannot be mended!
Not even your brushes and dyes can beautify it to your satisfaction.
Just give up already.
I am far too gone

Loosing you is loosing me.
I won’t let you forsake me.

Strip away your fears.
Expose your heart and make it bare.
Look into my eyes,
Before you blink; I would be done.
Be done giving you a new purple heart.

How are you sure this new heart won’t betray me like the first one.
Will it be a safe haven or a deathly hallow?

I have allowed my heart to be toiled with different shades of colours.
I can’t bear it anymore.
Just let me be!

Fear not my love.
Listen to my whispers.
Let my heart hypnotize you.
Feel my hands on your skin;
Till it reaches for your heart,
And paints it purple again.

Oh Purple, Purple, Purple!
I am going to give you a chance to let my lover introduce you to me.

Please do not forsake me or else I will be forever a goner.
Do not disappoint me or I will burn eternally in hate and anguish .

OH My lover, I am ready!
Do me as you please.

*©️TD Adams & Naa Dromor*

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