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Poverty by Georgina Wood

My mother says, it’s anonymous

But I think, unanimous
Actually, it’s a curse to human society
Because it’s comes to settles among the minority
I mean the exact people with no authority
It crample down their happiness into nothingness
Leaving them with nothing to feed on
It has taken over equality
Snatching people’s intergrity
It makes them feel inferior , like people with no priority
It makes you feel like you are in captivity
A silence prison , with no walls
And I think it should be fought,
Because it is the greatest atrocity ..ever
It moves on the Earth but we choose to ignore
Some even says , it’s just a word
Hmm… a word that we actually live with
Then , how can we probably understand
Maybe unless the word is expand
Obviously by the great people who never get misunderstand
Because I heard the word in history
And it is now found here in this great country
Oooh…if you don’t know people die and go with it name
and I guess it makes it happy
Because it gets the fame
….I talk of POVERTY
Yes poverty
Even the blind that knows nothing
They goes place to place with their innocent kids begging
They even shower blessing
On their fellow , even sometimes they regretting
Yet .. they return to their homes with nothing , to feed
but just with their whole body wrecking
Poverty is tantamount to humanity
Which should be treated with distain.!
It’s actually a dangerous killer
Which shatters destiny and smatches human life
And I guess this calls for a new society to stand to be the ,controller
..Of this canker
Although I wouldn’t say much
Maybe it’s the will of God
Yes !! the will of God
Hmmmmmm… POVERTY !! the will of God

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