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BLACK by Gina X Wiyaala X Zumah.

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I speak of the one who was formed from a fetish foundation ,

Firmly footed on full foolishness

Until he was found and transformed from his former format

Of been faultless and flawless

I speak of the one who was seen as a baggage

Moved from the AFRICAN land through America like a package

Some strangled and stranded as slaves in a destitution cage

Like a wild savage

A true definition of absolute brutality

But how dare you question their integrity

Besides you belong to a primitive society

(Sigh).. what a Savage!

O speak of the one who has been tagged,

I mean , I mean with some kind of antagonized label

A label unable to portray their true identity

Forgetting that DNA can not be regulated by FDA

I speak of the one whose origin is of Rich potential

I speak of the one who is loyal and faithful to his every duty

Flawless in plenty

Faultless never guilty

I speak of the BLACK (wide smile)

I speak of the BLACK ( slow)

The one whose blackness is strength, power and authority

Symbolizes Elegance and prestige

Representing an overwhelming strong emotion

I mean Peace

I speak of You and I


We are enough Yes!

I am enough

I light up every room because

I am more than a star

I am a legend (like Mansa Musa)

I hold the records of the world

Like the records of Guinness

I am made of BLACK


But , I was told it sounds like history

……laugh intimating ))

Although it’s not funny

Nooo .not at all

I was asked to shut up

Keep mute and sit down

This hits hard

Our lives shutter

Our minds have  been closed we cannot flip  a new chapter

Or could this be a black rapture!!!

Because they continue to dictate to us what we should learn and teach

What to do and preach

Slavery was abolished

It was published through the insight, the CNN ,BBC ,I mean the news

But the headlines I’m reading shows that , that is far from the truth

Because we are still captives to our skin colors , colors non of us can choose

They say repeation is the definition of Insanity

So what is that saying

Because this has been happening since the Genesis

But if Brutality in the Western world has been tagged and given a name like Racism

Then BLACK,??

why then allow our own self to be treated like second class citizens of the world

The solution to the mistreatment of Africa is the hands of the African..

But what if the Black knew that he will be desired by others only if he desired himself

That beauty is not about skin color, shape but a mindset

And the best indicator of it is self confidence

What if the Black knew that his lips are beautiful and does not need to hold them in

Make them thin

And that, the Nose are not meant to be pointed ,but to help him breath

And what If the black knew, that the eyes were not meant to be perfect , to be White as snow

But to help you see, and if you can see black man  it’s perfect

And then what if the Black knew that to be retched is a culture

Defined by a Black ancestor

Whose skin was black in color and speech be any kind of clue from slang to misplaced grammar such creativity ,why does it matter

What if the black knew that modernization is leading us back to colonization

we can create a better Africa and make racism a history

By not  listening to their views

For we are not too old to be new

Nor  empty to be full

We are not too static to be moved

So be a message to nation’s and states

The world is like a picture we are the frame

We have an identity Africa is our name

Together let us rise into fame

Because even the W.H.O doesn’t have solutions to every disease they name.

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