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Allow People To Love You!

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Yesterday, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and I decided to go through the statuses of the people on my contact list for relief. ( something that works if I decide not to read.) That was where I had the inspiration for this article. One of my very good friends, Ehllar had written on her status:
Allow people to love you.
Be lovable.
You’re too rigid, mmm?

Your reaction might be similar to mine ’cause I burst into uncontrollable laughter. I took a screenshot and reposted it. A couple of my friends DMed me and we laughed about it. I thought that was all about it but no!

I woke up today and my mind won’t stop thinking about one sentence: Allow people to love you. Pondering over it—again and again—taught me this:

It’s unbelievable, yet true that we sometimes close the doors to our happiness, peace and fortune because we prefer to use other doors that ain’t probably meant for us.

Allow people to love you. When someone offers a helping hand, take it. When someone goes all out to make you smile, don’t turn back. When someone compliments you, take it! Don’t brush it away and come up with excuses to make it seem like you don’t matter, like you don’t deserve it. When someone dares to offer you a hand that would take you out of the dark tunnel that you’ve been hiding for years… allows yourself to see light. Just allow people to love you with the little and big things they do for you.

Some time ago, I had a conversation with a friend. We talked about the fact that some people are happy to suffer. Some people are pleased with their pain. They ain’t in for any healing. They don’t need the love others to show—little or big. They are just too rigid and Not lovable( as Ehllar will put it.)

Hey, you should allow people to love you. Life is too short for all this pain, this stress. Allow yourself to be happy. Will yourself to have fun. Make friends. Live in happy moments. Stop turning your back on happiness. You too deserve to be happy.

Stay safe and stay well till we meet again. It’s bye for now!

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  1. Article with a great lesson … gone right through my brain 🧠 and heart ❤
    Thanks for it. Saw it on Ehllarpearl’s stat she’s like a big sis to me and her stats keep me moving as well


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