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The Sinking SRC Ship vs Student Activism, The Case of UBIDS

The sinking SRC ship vs student activism: Theaters of separation and the Nexus between the two dispensations in our various tertiary institutions

The SRC of every institution is the embodiment of the entire student populace. It gives a voice to the voiceless students and spearheads the affairs of student concern. But over the years, the relevance of the SRC continues to sink like a fish that desires to see the end of it’s place of domicile.

Osman Abudu

Student activism like any form of activism encapsulates the burning desire to keep the SRC on its toes and to hold the SRC executives accountable. It is however sad that sometimes, students take activism for their own parochial interests. Some become activists after a fall out with an SRC executive only to be chastising and mudslinging whatever good the SRC is doing.

It’s important to propose that the dire hard student activists who have the interest of students at heart should sometimes direct their efforts by channelling their grievances to the appropriate authorities rather always playing political fanfare with any little issue that arises within the enclaves of student leadership in our various tertiary institutions.

Furthermore, the Nexus between the two bodies is that, activism should be encouraged in order to keep the SRC in check for it not to over step its bounds. In the same vein, students who want to champion the course of activism should do so with the sole of aim of bringing a moment of excitement, a spark of joy and and a period of ecstacy by engaging other duty bearers to combat some of the overwhelming cankers that affect students. This will serve students in a far greater way than simply just bringing to light the problems faced by students and exposing bad performing SRC executives.

Conclusively, Albert Eisten once said that, *the world suffers not because of the violence of bad people but because of the silence of good people*. In light of this, it is therefore colossal to call on student leadership and Student activist to come together and find robust solutions to the problems facing the student populace and stop this whole theater of separation.


Author; OSMAN ABUDUF – Firstdeputy speaker, youth parliament, UDS chapter

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