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Opinion: Life On The Net

In a world of illusions; everyone is magically rich! But that’s not how it’s supposed be right? Well, you can’t say! Things happen to change rapidly and how we adhere to these changes really take us far away to a different perspective zone. Thus, how we think and perceive things are altered.

In a world where social media should be the smoking gun to unsolved issues; it’s rather causing more problems. Everyone is rich on social media because they only post what you want to see. Then this sort of lifestyle implants the “oh hey look! these people don’t have a problem. They’re living the life!” in the minds of people.

Of course, they are living the “life” on social media but do you know what happens in the real world? Why then be fooled or feel pressured when you see people post pictures of themselves in expensive clothes and cars? It’s about time we realized the irrelevance of keeping up with the joneses.

The deprived in the society or people with low self-esteem are somehow affected when they see that and wish they lived a luxurious life.
It is ridiculous to assume that some calibre of people do not have problems. Truth be told; we all have problems including the richest man on earth. Just as it’s easy to become number one, it’s also difficult to remain number one and that’s a problem.

The difference to a problem is how every one adjusts himself to the situation and come out strong. Some break down easily, some conceal their pain and fight their battles silently and at the end of the day it all comes down to how we overcome those problems.

Suddenly, there’s this chase for money especially among the youth. Let’s not forget that not all that glitters is gold! Some through their tiresome sweat have gotten where they are, some took the easy way out which brings them millions of money. Why the worry and rush to follow the crowd when you absolutely have no idea of the origin of their success? Be careful when you follow the masses. Sometimes the “m” is silent.

So why then don’t you keep a positive attitude towards your goals? Why don’t you focus on yourself? Why don’t you pray the Lord makes a way when you believe in yourself and your dreams?
Why complicate things out of the need to get rich quickly?

Happiness is within. Happiness can be created with the little things you possess. It’s not a big deal so don’t make it look like one. I bet there are poorer people who are happier than the people we assume are happy in life simply because they are content with what they’ve got. Each day, they wake up with this inexplicable joy in their hearts hoping for a better day; not comparing their lives to others or questioning nature of their fate.

When you’re focused on your goals with a positive mindset knowing things will get better then the life on social media shouldn’t buy you but if it does… Well.
If you don’t have it, don’t force it and if you can’t buy it twice that means you can’t afford it.
In this world, the worst disrespect you can bring to yourself is comparing your life to someone’s. That’s a big blow to yourself.

The other annoying part of social media life is that it transcends into our relationships because some people envisage the social media relationship and expect the same in theirs. Really?
So what about a positive attitude this year?
Why not be your own author and write your own story. The pressure on social media is doing more harm than good to the youth.
Let’s be vigilant, focused and create a better future.

Happy New Year!

Author: Miles Fafa Adanuty

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