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Open Letter To Student Loan Trust Fund.

Open Letter To Student Loan Trust Fund (SLTF)

Dear SLTF,

I bring you greetings from aggrieved Student loan beneficiaries. God has been so good to us that we have found ourselves in a promising new year.

Pursuant to the statement published on 14 Jan, 2021 by National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) on their Facebook page, I deem it fit to throw my support behind their call.

Space was given to management to put their house in order, but it appears management has over enjoyed that opportunity and we think it is high time we come out to support our mother association.

A lot of press statements have been issued concerning the delay of funds from the Students Loan Trust Fund (SLTF) . A lot of promises were made, all hands came on the deck to resolve this pending issue, but it appears management of the SLTF has not been fair to the beneficiaries.

Before God and man, this institution is gradually becoming a hopeless institution. It came to me by surprise when I heard our indefatigable vice president of the Republic of Ghana saying, they will give guarantor free loan to tertiary students of which Sudent Loan Trust Fund will be the SPV to execute this exercise. It’s either our able vice president doesn’t know the current state of the SLTF or the promise was a charade.

To the SLTF, we want them to know that the student fraternity is a no coward body. We are responsible individuals and must not be taken for granted. Enough of the blame games! it’s time to do the needful.

To the institutions involved, this is a matter of life and someone’s education could be put on hold. We can’t continue like this as a country, you can’t always put us in unpleasant situations. Enough is enough! Enough of these uninspired and misleading statements all in the name of defence.

As NUGS indicated in their post, some of us are highly convinced, and we are ready to hit the streets. This is not the time for lip service. It’s time to take our God given destiny into our own hands. It’s time to defend and protect the provisions stated in the Act governing the SLTF.

As responsible students, I encourage all to come on board as we embark on this peaceful agenda. We deserve better and we are ready to protect our rights.

May God bless our homeland Ghana, the student fraternity and make us great and strong.

We move!


Adjei Boakye.

Convener – Aggrieved Student Loan Beneficiaries.

No. AK 447,
Akobam street.

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