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NDC Should Forget; The Sissala East Seat Is Far From Their Reach – Young Patriot Reveals

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An astute young politician of the ruling New Patriotic Party has presented his assertion on the “touch-and-go” Sisaala East Seat following social media comments stating that the ruling government cannot make the seat an NPP seat.

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But wait oooh I watched the honourable member of parliament for Sissala East Constituency this morning on GTV as he articulately presented his ideas, debated diligently with the NDC panellist he went with and concluded the discussion stating that the New Patriotic Party needs to work on some or two things in order to make the Sissala East Seat an NPP seat.

Came on Facebook to read comments under my brother McBash post as he restated the stance of the revered MP only to read some comments by our opposition leaders and Facebook naysayers saying it’s impossible to make the seat an NPP seat and that it’s wishful thinking and what is life without wishful thinking in the first place?

Anyways Let’s do some small throwback on the seat and why we will continue to flip it and the NDC will continue to be ” in a comfortable lead and cruising to victory as Uncle Koku Anyidoho puts it” and flip-flopping as said by Sammy Gyamfi.

The Sissala East seat has been won twice by the PNC by Moses Dani Baah, won twice by the NDC by two different candidates and have recently been captured by the NPP since 2016 till date. Records have it that our first time winning the seat was in 2016 which gives an indication that the seat was originally a PNC seat but due to the fading out of the PNC party, the NDC took over and made it theirs but recent outcomes proved otherwise so where is the lie here? Huh

Various NPP candidates contested the seat and have since lost and they most often trailed vehemently until 2016 and 2020. At least an objective mind will know that it’s gradually tilting towards the NPP. if for nothing, the 2016 and 2020 elections vindicate the Honourable MP.

In electoral analysis, there is something we refer to as appreciation of votes which aids in resource distribution, strategy and teamwork. Since 2000, the New Patriotic Party have been appreciating votes and doing marvellously well in both parliamentary and presidential elections and our recent success proves it all. It is due to this reason we captured it in 2016 by winning both parliamentary and presidential and also flipped it 2020 for parliamentary and “Yaanom” capturing it over Addo ShowBoy which is well understood.

Youth involvement in the politics of Sissala East in recent elections with 2016 and 2020 as case studies also vindicates the revered MP. From the “Azonto girls of Alijata”, “Friends of Rid”, “The Vaaralaala Group Bataglia” and Much talked about FRIENDS OF AMIDU CHINNIA shows that the NPP is ceiling a solid ground to make the seat ours taking into consideration the development of the youth and activeness of these pro-NPP groups since 2016 against the NDC.

Every objective mind knows that the Sissala East Seat is a “Zongo” Constituency but with Honourable Amidu Chinnia as MP, the NPP can boast of breaking the 4 for Parliamentary and 8 for presidential. We are focused and as I have always said, the JOB DEY GROUNDS.

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