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The NPP National Youth Organizer Race: A Rear-Wheel Adventure To Achieve The “Illusion” Of Breaking The 8.

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The NPP general election is of interest to any party member as the party has launched a slogan sphere dubbed “Breaking the 8”.

This suggests that the party needs able men to enable them achieve this “illusion” of breaking the 8.

Of all the portfolios, the Youth Organizer Position is of keen interest to the author. As a member of the youth wing of the party, it must be of interest to me as to who should be elected to lead the youth of the party. Of all the candidates who have shown interest so far, two candidates are leading the front which are:


These two gentlemen have carried out their campaigns diligently by reaching out to various party executives and grassroots across the country. Personally, I have taken the time to follow both potential winners and this is my take.

SALAM MUSTAPHA: I have observed his radio/TV discussions as well as a feel of his communication prowess in a TESCON meeting at my former school, KNUST. I have to confess that I’m not an admirer of his communication prowess. He mostly appears unprepared, his ideas most often don’t follow a chronological order and the most often lacks a deeper understanding of the subject matter. This to me is a flaw. Salam in my perspective appears to be relying more on incumbency association. My checks reveal to me that he is the Director of Operations at the office of the veep. This tells a lot about how close he is to power. This makes him a little bit relaxed, makes him feel is wining and he also doing “Business as Usual”; No exceptional approach to his campaign.

To me, he should be doing more than he is currently doing. Election 2024 is a serious business and the leader of the youth shouldn’t be a “slack”. Notwithstanding all this, it appears he is the likely winner of the elections. In case he wins, he needs to do more to “Break this 8” 🤧.

NPP ABANGA: Young, youthful and Simplistic. This gentleman in my perspective appears to be doing the most as far as the youth organizer election is concerned. Typical of a Nana Addo NPP boy, he is on a promised expedition. Even the promises of Abanga are just too simplistic and narrow. He appears to be paying more attention to TESCON, leaving other Pro NPP Groups out in his approach to handling the youth wings of the party. Among his numerous promises, 5000 each to TESCON branches is what has been interesting to many party youth. Among many questions about these wild promises of Abanga is how he is going to finance or generate revenue for it.

Simplistic as he mostly appears, he talks of establishing mining sites for various regional youth wings to enable them to generate revenue to finance their activities. Is Abanga revealing to us that he is into “Galamsey” and had seen the prospects of it? Is he telling us that the operation Galamsey TaskForce isn’t active enough as far as the fight against Galamsey is concerned? Has he in a minute taken time to do the cost analysis, risk assessment and also how the law of diminishing returns can affect these mining sites? Personally, I think his approach to financing his promises is just too simplistic. Youthful as he is, he appears to be approaching a national election with the mindset and tactics of a student politician.

Narrow analysis of issues, half-baked tactics and Godfatherism in his pseudo comments. I identify with his journey and how he claims to come from nothing to be something today. But mind him he needs to up his game.

Yours Truly,


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This article was prepared and accomplished by the aforementioned author in his personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not reflect the views of the Management of Campus360gh.com.

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