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We Celebrate Your Sacrifices – Happy Mother’s Day to All Mothers

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 Happy Mother’s Day to All Mothers.


Mothers in general are guardian angels sent on earth by the creator.  Rudyard Kipling captured this in his quote as he said, “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.”

Throughout the very beginning of our journey to earth, they have cared for us and loved us unconditionally. They went through night months of pregnancy for us and went through pain to bring us safely on earth. Their work didn’t end there. They continued to be with us, nurtured us and made sure we were always safe. We never felt afraid during the night because we knew they were always there for us whenever we feel afraid.


They never had friends or social obligations because they were always busy taking care of us and that was the most important thing for them than anything else.

They made sure our stomach was full. They were always willing to give us what they will eat even if they were hungry. They never liked seeing us hungry. 



They simply loved seeing a smile on our faces and so will do everything in their power to see us smile. They will get us whatever we will ask for and spend time with us. They would rather sit and watch our favourite animation with us than watch their favourite TV show.

Their job as mothers is never done even when we grow up.

And so on this special day of theirs, all we have to say to them is: THANK YOU.

While we may never or can never repay them for all the sacrifices they made for us, we can surely say a big thank you to them and tell them how much we love and appreciate all their sacrifices.

Written by Boakye Dacosta ALPHA

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