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I Take Sides On Political Issues Not A Political Party- Adjei Boakye Writes.

Adjei Boakye Writes:

Thinking has nothing to do with political affiliation or card. It’s about the condition of the brain. As positive as I am, I will in any case battle for my people regardless of the political party in power. I take sides since I would prefer not to be neutral. As Desmond Tutu stated, “the Ant will never appreciate my neutrality.”

Per somebody’s rationale, I ought to announce my stands as politics is concerned before I can comment on any issue that is begging to be addressed in this nation. I consider this to be a joke and this rationale was filled by obliviousness.

Opinions resemble noses and it accompanies own shapes and sizes. You can tag me and for your information, I care less about those empty threats. I represent something and that is the philosophy I have confidence in. As a student of politics and communication, I have the right to criticize constructively. Ghana Man, when it suits him, he will cheer you. Be that as it may, when it conflicts with him, he will call you names and label you pointlessly. The beneficial thing is, the “thick skin” has just been developed.

The real job will start after January seventh 2021and we will do it pleasantly.

Truth stands and it’s my obligation to protect and save it. The Hansard group can record this one.

Adjei Boakye is the name. A student activist and a communicator. For the charitable work, we do it for God and nation.

May God bless us all and bless our homeland Ghana.



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