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Pakistan To Slowly Remove lockdown restrictions: PM Imran


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said Monday the lockdown restrictions imposed in the country will be lifted gradually in order to put the economy back on track.

“We are doing [lifting lockodwn] because the people are suffering and losing their jobs. But if SOPs are not followed we fear that it might spread rapidly and we will be forced to move towards a lockdown once again,” the premier warned.

Talking about the Corona Tiger Force, the premier said that the government will spread awareness regarding precautionary measures necessary to curb the virus.

“The Tiger Force will not be paid, they will do jihad [against coronavirus],” he said, adding that the team will set up help desks in union council offices and help register the needy.

“All the big problems that we have today have emerged from lockdown,” he said, adding: “This has impacted local vendors and the white-collar workers as well.”

The tiger force will spread awareness among the general public but it is the responsibility of factory managers and the businessmen to ensure that the SOPs are implemented, he said.

PM Imran, explaining the impact of the virus across the world, said: “Our country was already poor, but it [coronavirus] even hit rich countries, such as the UK, hard.”

“In UK even more than 250,000 people registered themselves to volunteer after their prime minister requested […] We [Centre] are launching the Corona Tiger Force as the concept is not uncommon,” he said.

“The administration alone cannot handle it [the coronavirus crisis], hence we needed a volunteer force,” he added.


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