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More Photos Of The Drones Italy Is Using To Track Citizens Who Violates Lockdown Orders.

At first the lockdown only applied to the northern Lombardy region, but the prime minister expanded it to cover all of Italy.
Citizens are required to stay home except for essential work or family reasons, and stores besides grocery stores and pharmacies are closed.
Only essential travel is allowed, and travelers must sign police documents about their reasons for travel. Police are also stopping cars for checks.
On March 23, the Italian Aviation Authority approved police requests for using drones for support.
Italy also called in its army to enforce the lockdown.
Drone pilots from the Italian Army Military Corps patrolled near Turin, Italy, on March 28, seen here.
The drones locate pedestrians and cars still moving around the city despite the lockdown.
Then, the police receive coordinates so they can track down people who are out and check them.
The Aviation Authority gave permission to use these drones through the initial lockdown order of April 3, though that could also be extended.
They are specifically for urban areas or smaller populations with increased risk.
Drones are restricted to under 25 kg about 55 pounds and there are limitations on airspace near airports.
The Italian Ministry of the Interior tweeted that by March 23, more than 90,000 people and 2,000 businesses had been reported for violating lockdown restrictions. About 60 million people are under lockdown orders in Italy.
One man in northern Italy was reportedly cited for violating lockdown to play “Pokmon Go.”
Italians who break the rules could face up to a $232 fine and even six months in prison.
Health officials say that there are signs the lockdown is beginning to work, but that might be a reason to be “even stricter.”

Photos by Stefano Guidi/Getty Images

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