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Lack Of Accountability, The Greatest Setback For Ghanaian Citizenry

How do we hold political actors accountable for the social contract we have entrusted into their hands?
One of the necessities of democratic development is accountability, which is a key indicator for which ensures that public office holders dont misappropriate funds and also one of many ways of check and balance which propels a nation onto a different trajectory.
It’s of no essence to be involved in an electoral process if the elected is not held responsible to account for how the scarce resources is used.

Corruption has engulfed most African countries because there is no clear route to tackling the root cause of the problem.
Most often, anti corruption crusaders pretend to be addressing the problem, meanwhile they themselves have been saturated with corruption which makes it highly impossible to fight the canker. Misappropriation of funds happens in almost every sector of the economy, even tertiary schools have not be left out of the equation because that’s where it begins before such people enter into national politics.

Corruption and poverty rates are not mutually exclusive but they are complexly intertwined with direct correlation. Every country that have higher corruption rate is more likely to have higher poverty rate because state resources that are meant to be used for the betterment of the populace is partly or wholly diverted for personal use. In this vein, that is why constant audit to check financial irregularities is advised. Because most people have made up their mind to peculate state resources. Government can make corruption a risky venture if they so desire.

It is of much importance that as citizens of a country that prides itself as a beacon of democracy take a lead in ensuring that what is deemed right is done to uplift the image of the country. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s developmental projects were second to none and has become a yardstick but what legacy have successive governments left thats noteworthy. Does it mean Dr. Kwame Nkrumah set the standard so high that no one can beat it because fifty years down the lane, we still compare every government to his, where did we go wrong?

How do we eschew archaic developmental mindset and move towards what is deemed fit for the populace. For example, China did the unimaginable by lifting almost 800 million of the masses from abject poverty in less than three decades, despite China being a communist country, there are many lessons that, a democratic country like Ghana can learn. Industrialization policy was one of the main marshal plan that changed the misery into prosperity.
India is taking the lead in the technological space and many of the tech companies are headed by Indians because their government have a vision for the citizenry.

What vision does the government of Ghana have for the teaming youth? It is sometimes hilarious to hear people blame colonizers for our regressions after 63 years of independence.
Notwithstanding that, they have forgotten that, Ministry of Education has changed syllabus and the entire curriculum consistently over the years and changing from bad to worse. Data science, programming, coding, Artificial intelligence and many more new courses are the game changers but our schools do not reflect almost all of the above.

Despite the difference in political leanings, there is the need to put public interest ahead of our private interest because that’s the sure way of moving forward. Nationalism in the youth today is in a spiral decline because most of the Ghanaian youth have conspicuously displayed their affection for the party they belong to than the nation they sought to serve.
As a way of grooming next future leaders who will be at the helm of affairs few years to come, nationalism must be inculcated in pupils right from the beginning so that, they can become more patriotic to change the status quo.

Written by: Abotsi Bernard Cleverton (Columnist)


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