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NDC Details How They’ll Create And Fund 1 Million Jobs In 4 Years

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) launched its manifesto on Monday, August 7, 2020 where they reiterated an earlier promises to create 250,000 jobs every year totalling 1 million jobs by the time the party leaves office.

Speaking on TV3 this morning, the Member of Parliament for Ningo Pampram, Honorable Sam George detailed how his party led by Former President John Dramani Mahama will create and fund these jobs.

Sam George said a new NDC government will reduce the number of ministers by 40 which will save the government more than $60 Million. Presidential staffers will also be reduce drastically by 200 which will save government some $100 Million.

Sam George also said the next NDC government will cut down security fees by $10 Million. Tax waivers given out especially those given to the families of the President will revised in a move that will save the country more than $400 Million.

Former President John Dramani Mahama

Honorable Sam George said after implementing all the cost reduction measures the NDC has planned, government will save in an excess of $7.3 Billion which will be used to fund its job creation promise.

The NDC said they will create about 90,000 jobs in the construction sector under a policy called “The Big Push” which will see government invest $10 Billion into infrastructure. The gold mining sector will also create about 30,000 jobs according to Sam George.


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