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Seven (7) Types Of Girls You Should Date

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Girls are very sweet and charming creatures if you find the right one.

Every guy, ones you are a teenager, you start experiencing feelings and you will tend to keep or make someone’s daughter your girlfriend or wife. and also before you date a girl you are meant to know her characters and interior part of her not only looking at curves and boobs.

These are the 7 sweetest girls to date. No 4 and 6 are very important.

1.the last born.

These types of girls are the last child of their parents. They are usually fun to be with. They make life easier, because they are hardworking and also very caring creatures.

They make the best of most romantic relationships. If you have one of these as a girlfriend always endeavour to take out for a cinema to watch some horror movies making her cuddling and leaning on you at regular time intervals.

2 Girls who have few male friends.

There is a saying that no man is an island everyone needs to have someone they are very close and share opinions with. But when it comes to the situation you want to date and you find out that your crush has many male friends, my dear better desist from her.


You can’t be the only one that has a good eye to see what others haven’t seen, the way you like her is also the way many of her male friends will too, and on the long run too much pressure or anything can make her cheat or change the attitude towards you. So to date girls with few males has a whole lots of advantages.


  1. a Girl Who Don’t Nag All Day.

Asking where you are is one thing. But if you tell her you’re going to the store for milk, and she insists you’re at a strip club, abort that mission. Now.

4 girls who can make love. In the normal.

African culture is expected to buy the woman for the guys to always make love to them, which is totally wrong. Women have feelings, and they should try to exercise it to their partners.

Like ones, in a while, you will make your male partner touch you make him kiss you regularly and other related romance, it’s going to take your relationship a long way.

  1. Girls who maintain and respects their body.

I’m not saying your girl needs to be rail thin or the next Cross fit champion. But ultimately, a girl who loves and respects herself is going to take care of herself.

That means eating right, exercising, and carving out some time for her and only her.

6.a Girl Who Doesn’t Preach All Day About Feminism.

I definitely think men and women should be able to compete together on an equal playing field.

It’s just I have this feeling that girls who preach all day about women’s rights might have some insecurities that run on a more personal level. A secure woman knows her worth and doesn’t rely on an ideology to tell her what she can and can’t do.

  1. A girl you know that your mother will love.

Men usually feel really comfortable with these girls, and they might even think that she is the one. And it’s all great until she meets his mother. Once he introduces them to each other, they find something to talk about right away and continue talking until they forget that anyone else is around.

It’s very likely that this man will soon have the feeling that his girlfriend has a relationship with both him and his mother and this is definitely not a good situation for any guy.


Source: Ghanaown.com

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