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Nine (9) Ways To Have Fun In A Long Distance Relationship

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1. Send some cute (inexpensive) gifts

“Little caring acts can have a big impact, and they have the power to redirect your mind away from what’s missing in your life,” says couples counselor Alicia Muñoz, author of “The Couple’s Quiz Book.”

2. Make a digital photo album or slide show

“Looking back at past memories is a bonding experience that allows each of you to express how you both felt in those moments and why they were special,” says celebrity matchmaker Carmelia Ray.

3. Share Spotify playlists

Let your partner know which tunes are stuck in your head by creating a playlist on Spotify. You can even make a collaborative playlist that allows you both to add, delete or reorder songs.

4. Learn a new language together

You can use Duolingo, a free mobile app, to pick up a new language or even take an online course with your significant other.

5. Play Words with Friends

You might want to hang out with your significant other without always calling or video chatting. Play games such as Words With Friends together to stay connected while having some fun.

6. Work out together

Stay in shape by taking a virtual yoga or workout class together and video chatting during the process. Muñoz suggests lifting weights or even taking the same Peloton class on Zoom or FaceTime.

7. Start your own book club

Choose a book together that both of you will enjoy, and give yourself a week to read it independently before discussing on Zoom. (Hint: Maybe bring some wine to make your book discussion a little more exciting.)

8. Get to know each other even better with personality quizzes

Try taking free online personality assessments, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. You may surprise each other to see how much or little you differ on traits like conscientiousness or extroversion.

9. Plan your next trip together

Map out your next in-person date – and make it extravagant. Take a road trip. Make that fancy brunch reservation. Book a hotel in a tropical area. Seeing your partner for the first time since being apart will be a memorable experience, says Muñoz.


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