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How to get a Grade A in the University.

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Hey there! You’ve been probably lectured on the hows and whats that go into being an “A” student and the glory that comes with it, in every stage of your academic journey. You might have taken and not taken some of the advice you got from different sources and at different points in time. Well, you are in the university now. Or you’ve been here for some time now. You possibly don’t know which of the advice would work out for you here. I have a few words to say to you:

1. Know thyself

Lots of times, we tend to force ourselves to fit in every piece of advice that sounds great in our ears and have worked miracles in the lives of others. Dear you, don’t swallow every pill that worked for others even without knowing whether what they were dealing with is in line with what you’re handling. I know a lot of people who religiously study at specific times of the day. Others too are the spontaneous types. When these two parties try to fit in the space of the other, it only becomes energy-draining and frustrating. Be you. Do you.

2. Learn, Relearn, Unlearn

The university is a space with lots of diversity, but there is a reason why this diversity is unified and able to coexist with each other. Take time to observe, to plan and to know which sphere works for you. Be willing to try out different learning methods. Be willing to see from the perspectives of others. The university is an island and you can never survive all by yourself.

3. Keep your whys, hows and whats

Tough times would come. And through those times, the reasons why you’d keep pushing and moving on, regardless of the setbacks and obstacles would be your whys, whats, and hows. Why are you here? How did you come this far? How did you start? What do you want to achieve? What have been your driving force? Which of the hows would work for you now? How have you been doing things all these while—do you need to make changes or not? These questions are going to be the guide when you’re at crossroads. Don’t lose them. Don’t lose yourself!

Finally, I’d want to mention that there is no formula to being an exceptional student. Everyone has a unique roadmap. Stick to yours!

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