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Confused Generation


O what a generation of lost,
Things of this world has wasted many;
causing the world to lose its beauty.
Some fought a good fight
Some were misled!

O why this generation of cold
These things of the flesh has dazed off!
Envy has bathe us off
Jealousy has dressed us off
O why?

O which generation of reluctance
Those filled with hypocrisies
Dazzling the elders with pretence!
Causing harm to the smiling face.

O whose generation of failure
Can’t take a step towards success,
Living the life of the ordinary
Be what someone has been;
Doing what someone did and caused him failure.

What a confused Generation!
Why cant we live the advanced life?
Take a step of sucess
Do what no one else has done?
Be what no one has ever been?
Make something that will cause the world to marvel at and and be inspired?
Thus, be more realistic to be dazzled in the light of sucess.

By Benedicta Tetteyfio

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