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Dating Terms That You Should Know


Unless you have been living under a cave, you should know that by now there are certain phrases people in the dating scene use to describe different situations and the scenarios they encounter.
As 2019 comes to an end, new terms continue to pop up and it can be quite a headache if you have no idea what the other person is talking about. Just when you thought dating couldn’t get any more complicated, it did!
Should you find yourself back in the sea looking for a new catch, here are some terms that can help you maneuver the dating sport.


This term is used to describe stringing potential partners along. In benching, people might pay more attention to one person or the other depending on who they like more at a particular time. As feelings grow on one side, it’s likely that the other person will gradually be cut off.


Orbiting is when someone you broke up with or stopped dating for one reason or another tries to get your attention on social media. They will purposefully like your pictures, view your status and comment on your pictures in order to remind you that they exist. Since you no longer have direct contact with them, social media becomes the only option to keep you hooked.


This term describes showing off to get a woman’s attention. When male peacocks strut around and display their beautiful feathers, it’s an attempt to impress a female peacock. When you translate this to the human world, men will often try to attract a woman by flaunting themselves-money, looks, cars etc.


Roaching describes seeing someone romantically while simultaneously hiding that you are seeing other people too. In such situations, you find out that you were the only one taking them seriously and only paying attention to them. Avoid being roached by finding out whether you are both on the same page and hope they are being honest about it.


This term refers to dating someone with a higher social status to boost your own. In 2019, more people are getting into relationships to boost their ego, reputation and also finances. Many celebrity couples are guilty of this. They strategize on who they’ll date for publicity stunts because they have a lot to gain from it. Unfortunately, many people ignore good partners because they are not as popular or wealthy.


Zombieing describes a situation where you are ghosted twice by the same person. In zombieing, the ghoster becomes a more intense version of himself or herself. They disappear for the second time and pop back into your life with a ‘hey stranger’ text. More likely than not, they aren’t that serious about you and there is a likelihood he or she is not single.


When something is stashed, it is being hidden. In the same manner, stashing someone is when a person keeps a relationship on incognito. They avoid introducing you to friends and family for one reason or another. If your partner avoids posting you on their social media and treats you like a secret, you are being stashed.


This describes the moment someone looms around a dying relationship, just waiting to swoop in. Often, people going through a hard time in their relationship will post sad and cryptic quotes on their status. This sends a clear sign that the relationship will soon end so that those who have a crush on you can start throwing darts at you. If you are in a dying relationship and you start going on dates with other people before it’s officially over, you, my friend, are also guilty of vulturing.

9.Love bombing

This is a term that describes showing affection, planning romantic trips, showering him or her with gifts with the sole purpose of manipulation. It’s good when someone is showing you that they are interested but if you’re not aware of some of their narcissistic traits, you can end up in an abusive relationship. People who do this condition their victims with lots of affection but have selfish intentions in mind. This is what love bombing is.

Source: Infinix Relationship Talk.

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