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Corona Virus Tips: How to stay safe when you are outside

Ghana became the first sub-saharan African country to lift the ban on partial lockdown amid the Corona virus outbreak.

The President, His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo made the declaration when he addressed the nation for the 7th time in the wake of the Corona Virus pandemic.

His declaration caused quite a stir among social commentators in the country. Whilst most were disappointed, considering the staggering rise in the Covid-19 cases, others were ecstatic considering the toll it had on them economically.

Here are some highlights from his 7th address on the Covid-19 are as follows :
– 3 weeks partial lockdown lifted
– Social distancing must still be observed
– Citizens should wear face mask
– Ban on public gathering still in force
– Borders still shut
– Schools must remain closed

In his rather lengthy speech, one major announcement that made headlines was the lifting of the partial lockdown. Since the writeup concentrates on ways to stay safe when outside, we shall be focusing our attention on that.

Nonetheless, the citizenry is encouraged to minimize interaction with others as much as possible. But for essential trips such as grocery shopping, visiting the doctor or pharmacy, to mention but a few there are ways to take precautionary measures.

Firstly, before you go out to work make sure, you perfectly clad your nose with a nose mask.
This would reduce the chance of getting the infection significantly. Especially since the virus is airborne, wearing of the nose mask is your safest bet when you are in a working environment.

Also make sure you take a hand sanitizer along. Especially for those of us, whole ply the streets of Accra using the private or public transport system.
You might not be afforded the luxury of washing your hands with soap and water whilst in town. In this case the hand sanitizers should be used often.

When grocery shopping, protect yourself whilst shopping by using a face cover and standing at least 2 meters away from the other shoppers and in check out lines.

Consequently, use hand sanitizer when you leave the store and wash your hand with soap and running water when you get home.

When dealing with money, this is the opportune time to utilize online banking as much as possible.
You can use drive-through ATMs if possible. After handling money wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer.

When going to the doctor or pharmacy,
Firstly, phone the said doctor if you have a personal doctor that attends to you.

If you must go in person, remember to
use your face mask.
Do not touch your nose, mouth, face
Use disinfecting swipes on frequently touched surfaces.
Stand six meters away from other patients should there be any.
Use touchless payment method if possible.
Finally get larger supplies of medicine so that you will not have to re-visit as frequently of possible.

Science has taught us that sneezing and coughing are involuntary actions hence it is inevitable, so in course of our hustle and bustle, let us not forget to take handkerchiefs and tissues. So that we can adequately protect ourselves and others out there.

As per directives issued by the World Health Organization and the Ghana Health Service let us make sure we maintain social distancing protocols.

Lets Spread Calm not Fear.
Covid-19 prevention protocols must be strictly adhered to.
Until next time

Godfred Ahlijah

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