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Revealing: Dela Goldheart Narrates How She Was Harassed By Prof. Gyampo For 4 Years


In a BBC documentary aired yesterday ( 7th/Oct/2019) on YouTube, two senior lecturers of the University of Ghana were caught on camera trying to establish a sexual relation with their supposed ‘students’. In the heat of this development, Prof. Ranson Gyampo of the Political Science department who was implicated in the said video, released an article denying any wrong doing and vowed to sue the said organization for defamation.

It wasn’t long before a former student of the political science department popularly known as Dela Goldheart let the cat out of the bag on her Facebook page, detailing how the professor had harassed her during her four years undergraduate degree proframme at the University of Ghana. An act she said nearly caused her not to graduate…

“The BBC article on the sexual harassment in West African universities this week said that some women could not complete school because they could not satisfy the sexual demands of their professors. It is true. Those women are not lying. A year after we completed school, I returned to the department for a recommendation letter. I met Prof. Gyampo on one of the occasions on which I came to the department for a recommendation. I was leaving one of the good professors’ office (I said good because he never made any advance toward me, and he always supported me to do my best while in the school), and Prof. Gyampo saw me. He asked about what I was there to do. I said I was there for a recommendation letter to go to law school. He said, how was that possible when I did not graduate. I smiled and told him that I graduated. He insisted I didn’t. I could understand his frustration at that moment. He thought he had successfully destroyed my life. I took the opportunity and explained to him that, even though I could not finish my long essay under him, I was still able to graduate because I maintained a credit that was above the limit throughout my education. I will be lying if I say I did not enjoy the shock on his face…” she narrates (read full article by clicking here)

It is basically her hope that other girls who have been harassed in one way or the other can come out and voice it in order to ensure that these perpetrators are brought to book.

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