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GNUTS And The Local SRC(ATU Chapter) Demonstrated With The Attire Red



The Ghana National Union of Technical Students ( *GNUTS)* and the local SRC; *ATU chapter  went  Red showing their dissastifaction with the ongoing strike snd the SRC president for ATU made this statement:We have had enough of this issue, *Government* *and TUTAG* are not being *considerate* to us as students and it is sad that we find ourselves being the victims of this issue.The least said is; We are suffering as the saying goes, _*”WHEN TWO ELEPHANTS FIGHT, IT IS THE GRASS THAT SUFFERS”*._

It is needful for Government and TUTAG to come to a *consensus* and stop using us as *ransom.*
Our parents have worked their sweats out to pay our fees and it is the duty of Government through TUTAG to provide us with tuition and now our basic right to *Education* is trampled on in this situation.
We are putting on *red* to show our *dissatisfaction*

_Note: This exercise is to take *pictures* and *hashtag*_

Later in the day,the President alongside the secretary was sighted on GH One speaking about the issue hope the government and TUTAG reach a consensus fast.

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