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Youth Alive Series

Youth alive Series is a local Ghanaian drama produced to educate the youth on their sexual lives and how to live a chaste life. It goes ahead to talk about parenting and peer pressure

YouthAliveSeries is an Educational, Inspirational and Mind Blowing Series that will Educate you on how to live a Chaste Life.

Its an Educative Youth like series that steps into the individual lives of the Youth… It goes to the extent of taking into consideration the child’s feelings during parenting… SinCard, the tag name for condom is your best chance to avoid STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

YOUTHALIVE will reveal what goes on in our daily life and show us how to solve the problems we face… Watch out for this great series.

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Number of cast: 25+

Language: English, Twi, Ga and Pidgin

Written By: Kwasi Kumi Darko

Directed By: Maxwell Awuni

Assistant Director: Presley Kojo Ofori

Production Manger: Julius Fiadu

Executive Producer: Maxwell Awuni

Produced By: Mhaxillian Koncept

SOE 1 Date Released : 11th July 2020

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