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Be Honest if You Want to be the Future Reformers of Ghana – Sandra Advises Student Leaders

In recent years, incidence of money embezzlement, incompetence, violence, among other gross misconducts, have been seen and reported in student politics in the various institutions of higher education in Ghana. Sandra Nsoh Both reformists of the past and present-day, have held that the youth of a community is its developmental catalysts. Many agendas have been raised on giving the steer to the youth to drive the political vehicle of the next generation. Unfortunately, the attitude of a section of student leaders in Ghana especially the tertiary institutions’ SRC and NUGs....
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Message for Humanity; covid19

Dear brothers and sisters in humanity,   This letter is sent from Muslim scholars, educators, preachers and thinkers from around the world. We pray that you are in good health and that you are safe from coronavirus (technically referred to as COVID-19). We are committed to your safety, happiness and wellbeing; it is in this spirit we write this letter.   We are in the midst of a global pandemic. Coronavirus is in almost every country of the world. People are more likely to die once infected with the disease...
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