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Opinion: Fight For Change

Talking against or opposing the current system doesn't make you a naysayer, but rather shows how enthusiastic you are about a circumstance. It's a gross show of patriotism to the state.

Lack Of Accountability, The Greatest Setback For Ghanaian Citizenry

How do we hold political actors accountable for the social contract we have entrusted into their hands? One of the necessities of democratic development is...

Opinion: Life On The Net

In a world of illusions; everyone is magically rich! But that's not how it's supposed be right? Well, you can't say! Things happen to...

Open Letter To Student Loan Trust Fund.

Open Letter To Student Loan Trust Fund (SLTF) Dear SLTF, I bring you greetings from aggrieved Student loan beneficiaries. God has been so good to us...

I Take Sides On Political Issues Not A Political Party- Adjei Boakye Writes.

Adjei Boakye Writes: Thinking has nothing to do with political affiliation or card. It's about the condition of the brain. As positive as I am,...

So Short A Letter

Monday, 8:00am. November 30, 2020. Dear Gabo, This letter will be the first in a long arrangement of letters in which I will endeavor to convey to...

The Sinking SRC Ship vs Student Activism, The Case of UBIDS

The sinking SRC ship vs student activism: Theaters of separation and the Nexus between the two dispensations in our various tertiary institutions The SRC of...

Political Party Manifesto: An Ideological Group Declaration

With respect to composing this piece, my nation (Ghana) is as yet encountering intense monetary worry because of the negative effect of Coronavirus. Joblessness...
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