COVID-19 Impact Mitigation Measures: Tricks or Treats- P B Otokunor’s Open Letter To Nana Addo

Good Morning Mr. President yesterday, in your COVID 19 National Address, you outlined a series of interesting impact mitigation measures ostensibly in response to some of the key short term to medium term economic mitigation measures recommended by Former President Mahama in an address on Saturday 4th April. Not only does this response give meaning to the importance of collective involvement in the battle against this dreaded enemy, but also illuminates the supremacy and importance of the Social Democratic ideology of the NDC, a philosophy that drives shared common welfare...

The Fight Against COVID-19 Has Given Ghanaians The True State Of Our Health Sector, ADAM-GH

The Executive Secretary of Anchoring Democracy Advocacy Movement Ghana (ADAM-GH), Mr. Azubila Salam Emmanuel has said the fight against covid-19 in Ghana has deflated the political propaganda about the true state of our Ghanaian health sector which has been a political debate between the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in our media over the past three years. About a year ago, major political debates were to do with the congestion of our various hospitals, inadequate health facilities, “no bed” syndrome, pregnant women sitting on plastic...

Girl Child, Not Bride

Is quiet a bit late, but is better late than non, and I keep on asking my self, what constitutes a Ghanaian culture?, are some cultural practices un-Ghanaian....? just asking few, but is very annoying to hear the recent revelations from the Upper west regional Girl's Education officer of GES that, over two decades, no girl child has ever completed Sowoubea JHS in the Wa east district. The officer went further to point out that, the highest educational level of every girl child in that district is to get to...
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Dear Aspirants, Sometimes It Is Better To Lead Without A Title.

Wilford Akwasi Asare Adjei (BCOM FINANCE- 400) By: WILFORD AKWASI ASARE ADJEI (BCOM FINANCE- 400) You will have eternity to celebrate the victories but only a few hours before sunset to win them. Students of Universities and my colleagues in the baobab fraternity, there are many forces that influence our thinking. I do not know of the force that influenced you to aspire for leadership position in the University,whatever the reason Maybe, it is not the reason behind my writing. I want to share a few things I learnt whilst...

In A Political Sphere Full Of Uncertainties: The Only Sure Thing Is “Only God Can Judge Intentions”

Yakubu Husein Pumaya By: YAKUBU HUSEIN PUMAYA As a fresher, I got attracted to any aspirant who was bold enough to speak to me. In my mind, the best form of bravery was the ability to speak to strangers; that was what I considered to be the hallmark of a true leader.If more than one aspirant spoke to me, I considered the one who was more fluent to be the best candidate. In effect, my opinion of whom a good leader is, was based on his/her ability to speak good...
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Government Strategy Of Managing Coronavirus Will Lead To Emergency Lockdown – Alex Mould

Finance and Energy expert, Alex Mould has stated the government’s strategy of managing the new coronavirus crisis in Ghana will lead to emergency lockdown. According to him, this will drive “our economy to be even more disruptively abrupt than in other nations with higher usage rates of e-commerce and more advanced supply chain channels for existence. “Should the economy shut down suddenly, small businesses will experience challenges in avoiding payment defaults on bank loans and overdraft payments, paying salaries, an increase in non-performing loans will be observed in the banking...
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