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GRASAG President and Financial Controller Suspended over Alleged Embezzlement of Funds

A coalition of local GRASAG institutional presidents petitioned the National GRASAG Senate over suspected embezzlement and misappropriation of funds meant for the Graduate Research Trust Fund by the President Mr Samuel Sagoe.This led to the formation of a Commission of Enquiry to investigate into the matter and also a petition to scholarship secretariat to halt all transfer of funds to the current administration until this issue is resolvedA report from the Commission of Enquiry indicate that all attempts to get evidence and supporting documents from the President, the Financial controller...
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Government extends the deadline for online scholarship applications

The management of Ghana Scholarship Secretariat has extended the deadline for online scholarship application launched by President Akufo-Addo to enable the first batch of free she graduates to access Tertiary education easily. This decision was taken after the secretariat in consultation with the Ministry of Education has seen the need to extend the deadline to 27th December 2020 to allow more applicants to apply for the sponsorship opportunity for their local tertiary education.The statement further stated that continuing student applicants who went through the selection interviews at the various District...
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