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All You Need to Know About the Maiden Edition of Northern Tertiary Students Awards

It is arguably the Biggest, Most anticipated, Most patronized and Most significant award event on the Northern social calendar. Organized under the auspices of Kip Events, the inaugural edition of the Northern Tertiary Awards Scheme is seeking to establish itself as an extravagant festival of music, art and entertainment that engages the entire northern region and beyond. It is produced by leading event management firm Kip Events, in collaboration with a litany of reputable sponsors under the following objective: Encouraging, Recognizing, Acknowledging, Rewarding and Promoting the immeasurable contributions that Students,...
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UDS EnterCom Introduces online competition to Reduce Boredom

UDS                                 QuizUp App The Entertainment Committee in coloboration with the Academic Committee come your way with an online competition to reduce boredom whilst we are currently at home. ABOUT QUIZUP It is a user-friendly online trivia game app with over 1,200 topics (movies,music, sports, technology, history, science etc) you can play with your friends and connect with millions of users all around the world as well.The concept is simple; You play a seven-question, multiple-choice...
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