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University Of Ghana Changes Grading System

The University of Ghana has changed its evaluation framework for their students in order to adapt to the changes brought forward by the (COVID-19) pandemic.

Grades for tasks will evaluated at 70%, while assessment takes 30%. This is an inversion of the standard, where tasks were evaluated at 30% while the assessment took 70%.

This is to adapt to the time that students will have to learn all courses within – 7 weeks instead of the usual 4 months due to COVID-19.

The adjustment, which which will still maintain and ensure quality of teaching and learning is in line with the premier university’s choice to part studies into two streams over the semester in seven weeks rather than the standard 13 weeks in a semester.

The Dean of Students of the Univeristy of Ghana, Professor Godfred Alufar Bokpin, who explained this in Accra, clarified that due to the restricted time that undergraduate students would have for class work, more attention would be set on  take home assignments.

He said it was the conviction of the administration of the university that students “might not have enough time getting ready for assessments, yet with regards to tasks they will have sufficient opportunity to do all the readings and the discussions to accomplish good work and submit for better marks.”

Contact hours

Prof. Bokpin has guaranteed that despite the brief timeframe for the semester, the school’s administration had made the necessary considerations of their interests and had made the fundamental changes for smooth school work.

He explained that students will not be bombarded with more contact hours.

“So what the secluded framework which is being utilized presently implies is that the contact hours out of each week will be multiplied,” he stated, adding that the contact hours with personnel would have been 26 hours in the typical stream of 13 weeks of classes.

Track Attendance

Giving insights regarding the split, Prof. Bokpin clarified that the university had concluded that first year (Level 100) and last year (Level 400) students would start the primary semester of the year this January while Levels 200s and 300s would start their first semester in March.

He further explained that the choice was taken to limit the conceivable spread of the COVID-19.

Prof. Bokpin called on students at Levels 200 and 300 to utilize the period they would remain at home to do pragmatic connections with industry and corporate associations with the end goal for them to acquire some industry experience.

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