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UDS Students Undertaking Their Third Trimester Practical Programs(TTFPP) Embarks on a Massive Clean-up Exercise.

Students of University for Development studies(UDS)-WA campus depicted to the people of Savannah region- Damango, Canteen and its environs that , indeed, the University is there for developmental project. This came as a result of their unprecedented clean-up exercise which took the shock of a policeman to intrinsically reward the students for their contribution to the development of canteen community. The clean-up exercise took place on Saturday exactly 7:00am, the activities were desiltting chocked gutters, weeding around and tiding up the community.

According to the assembly man of canteen (Mr. Adam Mohammed),the students numbering thirty-two(32) upon their arrival in the community announced their intention to him and seeked his maximum support which he did not hesitate to secure gloves, mouth mask, rake cutlasses and other equipment from Zoom-lion Ghana
“ The exercise was well timed since the raining season is almost due. This will help avert flooding and prevent, outbreak of diseases such as malaria, cholera, diarrhea and other diseases”. He further said, “The assembly in partnership with traditional leaders are taking pragmatic steps to sustain the clean-up exercise every Saturday”.


A student who spoke to the media said “on our first survey in 2018 in this community, it was obvious to note that, malaria is the most prevalent case and most farm animals such as sheep, goat and pigs die as a result of chewing rubbers containing food. Precisely, it has been in our plan to bring safety to human life and farm animals”.
He added, “I am happy our plan did not stay as a dream but then has been implemented today by the help of the assemblyman, traditional leaders, zoom-lion and the community members”.
Author: Mensah Kingsley
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