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UDS Nyankpala: Court Places Injunction On SRC Handingover Ceremony Over Corruption Allegations

The judiciary board of the student’s representative Council (SRC) of the University for Development Studies has placed an indefinite injunction on the scheduled handing over ceremony of executive power after receiving a letter from the leadership of the General Assembly of the institution.

NY Campus SRC President

According to the Judicial committee through a statement released September 3, 2020 and copied to radiotamale.com, the General Assembly received a letter containing various allegations including a concern that the General house has not been officially informed about the event.


Additional information gathered by radiotamale.com in and around the school campus points out to allegations that, the SRC administration intentionally failed to furnish the General Assembly and other stakeholders with a copy of the comprehensive audit report, but seems to be in a rush to hand over to the incoming administration despite the abnormalities.


The court therefore proceeded to place the injunction on the handingover indefinitely which was scheduled to come off September 4, 2020.


Deep sources close to the SRC executives, are also blaming and accusing the current SRC President and her adadministration of rushing to handover because of a number dubious, corrupt and mismanagement they engaged in over the period.


The current SRC has virtually become the most corrupt administration in the history of university.


Her administration has spent students moneys on Executives allowances than any other SRC administration in history, has failed to account for huge sums of moneys and again faked receipts and other documents to embezzle students’ purse, the source alleged.

Judicial letter

Source;radio tamale


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