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The Burden Of S.D.D UBIDS’ Autonomy On Students And Parents Amidst COVID-19 Hardship From a Catastrophic Fee Payment

University for Development Studies which formerly had four campuses of which Wa campus was one had in recently times granted autonomous to two of it’s campus to form three universities through the intervention of government. These include, University for Development Studies, university of Business and integrated and the university of Technology and Applied Science.

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This bold decision of the president saw praises for many but what was unclear was how this autonomy will really have impacted positively on Students and the general well being of those Tertiary students going forward. This fears come true barley half a year after this development.
The formally Wa campus, now University of Business and Integrated Studies UBIDS has taken the lead by putting the cost of autonomy on the students populace to increased the fees for the 2020/2021 by a whopping 8.7% without any informed and parliamentary decision.
This increments in it’s breakdown saw some items which calls for questions notably amazing those unbigeous items are, the sports administration, sport infrastructure development, emergency health and sanitation among others. Crying out loud, our sister UDS are maintaining the fees paid for 2019/2020 academic year while UTAS are reducing their fees for 2020/2021 academic year so I’m what grounds is the increment coming from? ……… This is a clear breach of the laws of the country because according to the Minister of state in charge of Tertiary education, Hon Prof.Kwesi Nyanka has put out a warning to management of Tertiary education not to increase fees of public universities on the 12/10/2020 without parliamentary approval.
The increment has come to further complicate the hardship parents and students are already experiencing and there is every need to reconsider such catastrophic fee payment from management.
As a concern student and as a matter of fact an affected students, I write to draw to the attention of management and the general public the burden of the UDIBS on students and parents amidst covid-19 pandemic hardship.

Thank you.

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