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The Adjusted Fee Payable By L200s For The 2020/2021 Academic Year Is Rather a Knee On Our Necks


In the eve of Tuesday, 12-01-2021, I among many other students received a Portable Document Form, which I believe was an official document from the management of UBIDS. After its publication on the university’s official website, it was swiftly carried in both mainstream media and students virtual platforms, and it contained an array of bills that students are expected to pay as the fresh 2020/2021 academic year commences. On a receipt of the itemized bills, I struggled to wrap my head around the one main factor that could account for this elephant-sized burden which has been groomed and presented to students as fees payable by them in the middle of these hard times.

Whilst I hold no qualms with the University’s decision to drag the fees onto this devastating level, I, as one of the bearers of this burden just can’t remain mute without making some objections against a few of the itemized bills payable by students as contained in the PDF.

First and Foremost, I see the adjusted fees for the various groups of students as a burden because, most of the items incorporated on the list are absolutely avoidable.
Something like:
1. JCR/SRC and NUGS dues are entirely unnecessary to a majority of us. Why should we continue to spend our limited resources on something from which we have never derived any substantial utility or satisfaction? Last year we paid both SRC and NUGS dues, and as I am writing this as of now, when these entities are challenged to show what they have accomplished with the monies, they’ll be found wanting. So, I will promote any course that will seek to call for the scrapping of the SRC/NUGS dues.

Besides, I am finding it difficult to come to a better understanding of exactly what “counselling unit levy, sports administration levy, sports infrastructure development levy, SRC-shuttle and SRC debt finance” entail.

At least, to ensure that there is a consensus between and among all stakeholders of the institutions, a comprehensive details about the nature of the above mentioned items in relation to their significance and value should be made available to each stakeholder. This will enable us extrapolate on them and make a reshuffle if need be.

Whatever the plan of the management of the university is, let it not fail to consider the woeful effects brought upon our economy by the China virus, covid-19.

Please university management, we are counting on you to make an economic decision that will not facilitate any unfair exploitation against the beautiful students of UBIDS.

David A Mandela

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