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UG Internal Audit clears SRC President, Isaac Agyemang of Embezzlement Allegations

The Internal Audit Directorate of the University of Ghana has cleared outgoing president of the University of Ghana Students Representative Council, Isaac Agyemang, of allegations that he misappropriated about GHC 66,000 of student funds.


Isaac Agyemang


The University’s Internal Audit, in their report on the SRC’s financial accounts for the first semester of the 2019/2020 academic year, said that it resolved to look into allegations that the Isaac Agyemang-led administration had embezzled money.


It said that those making the allegation relied on information on the draft budget statement of the SRC.

“These budget estimates were inaccurate per available records and could not have been the basis to prove the claim of embezzlement. The approved amount for dues was GHC375,452.80 and that of aggregate expenditure was GHC 431,090.00. The aggregate figure for actual expenditure as presented in table I also fell short of the total budgeted expenditure.”


In an interview and email exchange, the claimants rather suggested that their bone of contention was with the seemingly constitutional breach perpetrated by the President and the Treasurer of the SRC as a result of their failure to seek the approval of the General Assembly prior to the disbursement of funds for some expenses that were not budgeted for at the start of the first semester. The aggrieved members of the SRC subsequently demanded a disallowance and surcharge.


The report added


Inasmuch as we agree with the suggestion that Articlesl4 (5) (a) and 52 (5) of the Constitution of the SRC of the University of Ghana must be complied with when required, the unbudgeted disbursement in the sum of GI-105,800.00 cannot be questioned and was legitimately spent taking into consideration the superior provision stated in Statute 38 (2) (h) of the Statutes of the University of Ghana. In our view, the expenses as presented in table 2 of this report were reasonable, allocable, and allowable,” the report concluded on the matter.


Source; universenewsroom

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