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On 7th July, 2020…the message below was sent to aspirants on a page we share with the EC and some SRC executives and appointees by Master Kingsley Apador


“After series of meetings and deliberations on how to kick start our Electoral process and in consultation with the office of the vice dean of students. The SRC Electoral Commission have receive the go ahead to start with the electoral process by opening Nomination for prospective applicants to apply and also vet applicants and continue with other processes later.




This came as a bolt from the blue as some few days ago a petition had been sent to the Vice Dean of Students by some 20 aspirants.

In the remarks of the VDoS, he stated clearly that “all things” about elections have been put on hold until further notice and thus the only activity left per the prevailing circumstance was for students to revise, concentrate on, write and pass their exams.


No wonder we were startled and thus, asked for the official communication from the VDoS giving the EC the “go ahead” to commence with the electioneering process.


In the words of the embattled EC Chair, he replied “pls you can contact him; personally or the office”


As concerned aspirants we took up the task and thus, on 08/07/2020. We paid a visit to the office of the VDoS and met his absence. Notwithstanding we placed a call to him and made enquires on the subject matter for which he plainly replied that, indeed subsequent to our petition and proclaiming a halt on all electioneering activities, he granted audience to the SRC executives and appointees but in no where did he grant them any explicit “go ahead” to open nominations.


On the 09/07/2020 we placed another call again to double check on the issue at hand and finally had to be directed to report to the office of the VDoS. On our arrival we were granted access to the memo dated 07/07/2020 and dispatched by the VDoS to the GA Speaker, SRC and co-joined to the EC Chair with a remark of that particular memo superceeding a previous one issued to same entities on the 06/07/2020.


Some highlights from the memo include but not limited to:


▪️Your supposed GA sitting as referred to in your memo should not be captioned as such. It was simply a whatsapp platform discussion among some GA members. No quorum was formed.


▪️As such, all short comings, limitations, and some other legal implications vis-à-vis an all important meeting of this sort were not duly observed. Hence, the outcome, of such a ‘sitting’ and proposed rollout of activities of SRC/NUGS is litigatable.


▪️In other words, not enough consultation with stakeholders was carried out as testified in your memo


▪️As indicated also in your memo page 2 bulleted point 2, proposal of activities is full of controversies and possible litigation from the students body especially the aspirants.


▪️It is very highly impossible to reach the students’ populace for any form of election in this era of the covid 19 pandemic


▪️Based on all of the above, I the Vice Dean of Students of the university propose/suggest that your plan of activities, especially on the election be put on hold until further notice.


The VDoS further advised that if there are any constitutional crisis that might arise from the inability of elections being held among others, then there should be a quick engagement with the aspirants to that effect and also called for a downward review of the price for the filling fee since “there is no tentative reason or justification for the fees put forth”


Hitherto, based on the contents of said the memo quoted from and the contrasting actions of the EC, the question that begs an answer is why is this current EC hell bent on commencing electioneering process? Well the EC claims it is much concerned about the aspirants than the aspirants themselves. Well sometimes, ‘just sometimes’ its okay to cry more than the bereaved even though the undertone for such is clear to be of ingenuity and borne out of personal interest.


On the backdrop of the above and all that has transpired between we the aspirants and the EC which is in collusion with the GA and the SRC at large, the admonitions we had received from the Vice Dean of Students and our convictions, we the undersigned declare that we shall not pick any nominations form from the Kingsley Apador led Electoral Commission. We shall also be looking forward to any engagement in any competent court of law with appropriate jurisprudence on the interpretation, spirit and enactment of Artcle 26(j).

To those who will go ahead to pick the nominations we can only wish them luck and success in their vetting.


Thank you
























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