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Third Trimester Field Practical Program (TTFPP) is a unique feature of the University for Development Studies which distinguishes it from other Universities. The goal of this academic exercise is to ensure the blend of academic work of the University with that of the community in order to provide constructive interaction between the two for development. Students from UDS are expected to live and carry out studies on developmental issues with the active participation of members of the community.

It is from this rich experience that Mulumba Ngmenlabagna Songsore, now Executive Director of Necessary Aid Alliance (NAA), a registered Non-Governmental Organization in Ghana that seeks to canvass educational support for children, skills training for women in rural areas, girl child protection and support for the vulnerable and socially excluded people with the utmost aim of breaking the cycle of dependency through education and entrepreneurial training for people so as to empower and ensure self-reliance.

NAA Ghana under the leadership of Mr Mulumba on Saturday 27th of June led his team for a donation of educational items worth over ₵3,500 to his community where he undertook his TTFPP program (KUGNANI – SABOBA DISTRICT).

When contacted the motive for selecting that community, he said that his stay in the community exposed the felt needs of the people when solved can propel them to be better versions of themselves is Education. Educational inequality is obvious there and need to be bridged. Covid 19 and schools closure has further worsened the situation.

The project dubbed Read To Lead saw the organization donate a brand new computer set, interestingly the first computer to land in the community with the aim of inculcating computer literacy, reading books, pamphlets, writing pads, note books, exercise books, crayons, drawing books, pen, pencils and a whole lot of educational items. A resident teacher and SHS graduate were tasked and temporary employed to facilitate the inculcation of knowledge leveraging on the items donated.

The program was climax with a drama and extensive community stakeholder engagement geared at ameliorating the ascendency of teenage pregnancy and child marriage.

The gleaming smiles and unending gratitude from chiefs and community members was evident of the positive impact of the donation cum mentorship exercise by Necessary Aid Alliance.


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