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MSA Elections & Matters Arising; “Gross Abuse of Power By the MSA Senate”

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“ Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” – Benjamin Franklin.

It is saddening how events unfolded at the recent medical students’ Association Court hearing.

I have always esteemed medical students to be very thoughtful and brilliant people so when I heard that they had an issue in their local court to resolve, I got interested because I wanted to understand why these knowledgeable people whom I accord so much respect would go to extent.

The first case was withdrawn by the petitioners on account of the fact that their lawyers were misrepresenting their intentions for their petition. This is because they noticed that their lawyers were arguing as though the petitioners had a political interest which was not the grounds for their petition. The petitioners were Dovlo Michael and Acheampong Powell who are third-year medical students in KNUST against the MSA general assembly(the highest legislative body of the ASSOCIATION which embodies all members from first year to sixth year) and The MSA president a fifth-year medical student at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital.

I very much remember that in that court meeting, The Senate head who was the head of that jury Yaw Owusu-Broni was asked by the defendants to leave the jury panel since he was in that general assembly meeting which the petitioners were claiming was unconstitutional. The defendants stands was that in law, if you deem a meeting to be unlawful, you walk out else you relinquish your rights in any court that you don’t agree with the outcome of the meeting.

As pompous as he was he didn’t leave the jury panel on their verdict that He, Yaw Owusu Broni was in that general assembly meeting as a member and not a senate head… Since my three years in KNUST as a law student, I’ve never heard any childish statement like this intended to defend someone who is overtly at fault. He lost my respect and the respect of many who were around and observed such a breach of common sense and law.

I heard he braves himself as senate head, one who upholds the law but this instance, was foolery on his part because he was a witness to that GA, had an interest in the meeting because he was actively moving motions in that alleged emergency General that the matter should be referred the senate for a ruling which he dubiously and shamefully did.

His blatant refusal to leave the panel to me makes him a coward to the rule of law and justice and must resign for such carelessness… The long and short of the first hearing is that the petitioners withdrew the case because they sensed an ulterior play by their lawyers which was against their reason for filing that petition.

I am not taking sides but I think The Senate is gradually perforating the hymen of respect that the MSA has in KNUST.

By: concerned Observer

Disclaimer: “The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the above text belong solely to the author, and not necessarily to the author’s employer, organization, committee or other group or individual”.

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