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Eco-Clean Ghana, An Initiative Of Students In UDS Wa Campus, Has Yesterday 6th May, 2020 Emerged Winners Of The GEN Africa Awards 2019.

Eco-Clean Ghana, an initiative of students in UDS wa Campus, has emerge the winner of the GEN Africa Awards 2019 with a project of developing and empowering livelihoods through waste recycling into resources.

Eco-Clean Ghana is a new organization that seeks to recycle waste into useful products. It trains and empowers youth, farmers and women on how they can recycle and reuse both degradable and non degradable materials into useful products that benefit the environment and the people around.

Objectives for this Award Winning

  1. Is to educate the public on the negative effects of improper waste disposal through awareness creation and sensitization.
  2. Train three youth on how to recycle plastic waste into school bags in Wa, upper west region.
  3. Create employment by paying for sachet collection, sorting and washing as well as paying people who will stitch these sachet package into the useful waste products.
  4. Create employment for advertisers and marketers of these recycling products

The Impact of the project

The project will contribute to the waste management issues in Ghana

It will enable the general public to know that, waste can be reused and recycled after it has outlived it useful life.

It will create job opportunities for youths who are interested in sewing

It will reduce the intensity of waste in our street and gutters and moreover, reduce the environment and health effect from improper waste disposal.

Procedure for the Awards

A call for proposal was developed and shared widely with GEN Africa Members through emails and social media pages. The deadline was later extended to allow more members to apply.

A panel (Father Anselm Adodo, Madam Jane Rasbash, Madam Camilla Nielsen-Englyst and Mama Visonela) were selected to evaluate and score the proposals based on a given criteria.

The scores of the evaluators were put together and the results were as follows:

  • Centre Des Hommes Togo (represented by Sego) had a total score of 224 points.
  • Eco Clean Ghana (represented by Charles Katare ) had a total score of 230 points
  • Ghana Permaculture Institute (represented by Dr. Paul Yeboah) had a total score of 226 points
  • ReSCOPE Programme (represented by Annie Chikanji) had a total score of 224 points.
  1. Therefore, the winner of the GEN Africa Award 2019 is Eco Clean Ghana with an Award of GBP 800.00 (5,691.94 Ghanaian Cedi)
  2. 1st Runner Up is Ghana Permaculture Institute with an Award of GBP 500.00 (3,557.46 Ghanaian Cedi)
  3. The 2nd Runners Up were two. Centre Des Hommes Togo and ReSCOPE Programme and each receives GBP 350 (2,489.56 Ghanaian Cedi) each.

The total Awards is therefore GBP 2,000.00(14,229.16 Ghanaian Cedi) .”

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