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Adonko Next Level, To Be The Main Sponsor For SDD UBIDS SRC Week Celebration.

The the SRC President Tampuri Nicholas in his state of SRC Address made it known to students that, his tenure SRC Week Celebration will be one that has never happened before.

The SRC through the competent effort of the Entertainment Committee is exploring all available options to make this edition of the Week Celebration a memorable one. The activities packed up for this year’s Week Celebration is mind boggling. I can assure you that we haven’t seen any of it kind in this school. Let’s anticipate something really great.”

However, In an interview with the Chairperson of the Entertainment Committee Hon. Aasolegnang Castro, he made it known that, the SRC is trying to secure sponsorship from Adonko Next Level, and they will be ready to make SRC Week Celebrations an occasion that has never happened on campus before.

Adonko Next Level Energy Drink Product.

Adonko Company Limited, a part of the Angel Group of Companies, has Adonko Next Level as its first non-alcoholic beverage. Next Level is a premium energy drink that contains vitamins B6 and B12, as well as other essential elements.

Adonko Next Level helps the immune system fight diseases by boosting the immune system. In this Covid-19 era, a stronger immune system is a must, therefore Adonko Next level is a valuable tool. It also helps to relieve weariness and revitalize the body.

The caffeine concentration of Adonko Next Level is lower than that of other energy drinks. In comparison to these energy drinks, it also has higher energy. The sugar content of Adonko Next level is lower, and it does not cause diabetes. Adonko Next Level is the way to go for folks who get fatigued and exhausted easily after a few hours of work. Insomnia is not caused by Adonko Next Level energy drink. It is not, however, suggested for children under the age of 18, pregnant women, or nursing mothers.

The 250ml can of Adonko Next Level has gold rimming and writing. The packaging for Next Level is appealing as well as portable. Next level is sold at every store around the country.

Adonko Next Level as the Main Sponsor for SRC Week Celebration.

With the efforts of the SRC Entertainment Chairperson, Hon. Castro Aasoglenang, Adonko Next Level Energy Drink will be our sponsor for the SRC WEEK, all that it will take is for Students to patronize the product and continue to hype it for the company.
The SRC President and the EnterCom Chairman recommend all students and aspirants to channel their supports by hyping and patronizing it.

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